Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hanlon Out as Coach

The Caps have fired Glen Hanlon and replaced him (on an interim basis) with Hershey's Bruce Boudreau (press release). I don't think anyone is surprised in the least bit at this point (least of all me, I predicted after last night's game he would be shown the door this morning).

Some Caps fans are already up in arms about two things: (1) the firing on Thanksgiving and (2) replacing Hanlon with Boudreau ("not another AHL coach").

I have no problem with either. The team plays Friday and Saturday and with the way things were going a coaching change was needed immediately. It's just unfortunate the day it became obvious the Capitals could wait no longer.

As for Boudreau, I think he's the logic choice for the short term. The "not another AHL coach" cries don't make sense at this point. The team needed to hire someone on an interim basis; it's not like they were going to conduct interviews and make a hiring between 2 and 8 in the morning the night before Thanksgiving.

As for Hanlon, in a way I am sad to see him go. He did a very good job keeping the team's spirits high, getting the most out of the players and interacting with the media and fans during the rebuild. I'm sure he'll catch on somewhere else before too long. Best of luck to him when he does.


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usually frustrated caps fan said...

Well put DMG - I agree on all points.