Saturday, November 10, 2007

Week 10: Redskins vs. Eagles

While this is a very winnable game for the Redskins, their recent inability to win back to back games has red flags popping up everywhere. A fan can only hope that almost losing last week to a very weak Jets team tricked the cosmos into thinking the Redskins actually lost and therefore deserve to win this week.

This week will focus around Jason Campbell and Donovan McNabb. With the re-emergence of Clinton Portis as the dominant playmaker of the Redskins' offense it will be Campbell's responsibility to recognize how and when to utilize the play action pass. This has always been the big picture strategy of Joe Gibbs and should finally fall into place against a banged up Eagles’ secondary. Safety Brian Dawkins and cornerback Lito Sheppard have seen limited playing time this season and their lack of game strength can be exploited. The Redskins will look to take advantage of these two positions early in the game before they can regain their timing. In last week's game against the Cowboys this secondary gave up 324 yards and the defensive unit as a whole didn't record a sack. Campbell needs to recognize one on one match ups, utilize the speed of Moss and Randle El and complete deep passes in order to build a lead.

Normally at this point in the game I would suggest they turn the ball over to Portis, pound the rock and sit on the lead, but we've all seen how that turns out. The second half needs to be the same aggressive ball movement with Campbell orchestrating short passes and reliable check downs. After throwing deep passes throughout the first half he will need to dump it off in the second. Hit guys coming out of the back field. Hit Cooley on 8 yard curl routes. Get the defensive on their heels and roll over them.

This is a telling game for how far Campbell has come as a leader and how far the Skins will be able to go in this year’s Playoffs with him at the helm. The Eagles are still a dangerous team and know how to win so the Redskins have to be careful. However, the Redskins have to and will win to put pressure on the Giants (a team they should have beaten) and the Cowboys (a team they play next week). Look for the Redskins team to show up this week and put some hurt on the Eagles.

Redskins 27, Eagles 16

- The Hokie

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