Friday, November 30, 2007

Week 13: Redskins vs.Bills

It's tough to know how tragedy will affect a team. The Redskins' situation is as unique as Sean Taylor was, and his memory as a great player in this league should be remembered far longer and with far more importance than a victory on Sunday against the Bills.

Under stress and after tragedy, many people do find solace and comfort in "business as usual." The routine is a reassuring reminder that our lives can go on while we mourn. Coming together as a team can also provide strength, empathy and compassion when faced with such circumstances, erasing any feeling of loneliness or confusion. However, It is still very difficult to face such realities when a tragic situation defies our perception of reality, which this sudden and unthinkable death has done. The sports community has seen great teams and memorable seasons derailed at the lost of a loved one, but we have also seen spectacular games rallied behind a "greater cause."

I would like to think that a man's legacy is not appropriate to rally behind. I would like to think that remembrance does not come with the price tag of a win and that a loss on Sunday would not diminish how much these men cared about Sean Taylor. They are deeply saddened by his passing and while returning to the field is the right move, if they are too conflicted or too burdened at this point to play at the caliber the NFL desires and lose, it in no way should be looked upon as a failure to honor #21.

The Bills are a mediocre team. They have some weapons on offense and defense but nothing that has been consistent or spectacular. They have a quarterback crisis and a talented but young running back. The Redskins should win this game and should win it by at least two scores.
Who knows how the Redskins will play, but I would also hope that they will allow themselves this short amount of time on Sunday to feel joy. It does not bring doubt on your suffering to remember how precious life is.

Redskins 27, Bills 16

- The Hokie

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