Friday, December 14, 2007

Why the Wizards are Winning Without Agent Zero

Could it be that the Wiz are actually better off without their superstar? Their 9-5 record since Gil went back under the knife would seem to confirm that theory. The question of why they are back over .500 at 12-10 is much more intriguing, however. I've got my own ideas - The Battle of the Beards, the Gold Unis, the Bean Burrito, etc. - but NBA blogger Kelly Dwyer's got a few interesting thoughts of her own.

1. The Ewing Theory is absolute bollocks
2. Butler and Jamison are in their primes
3. DeShawn Stevenson can't shoot, but he can make threes
4. Brendan Haywood is playing
5. The defense. It's...not amongst the league's worst

All valid reasons...but I'm still going with the beards...

-- The Tar Heel

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Yard Yoder said...

number 3...soooo true