Sunday, February 10, 2008

Zorn Named Head Coach

Dan Snyder promoted his new offensive coordinator Jim Zorn to head coach thus ending the Redskins' search. If we can take anything away from his days in Seattle, Zorn knows how to mold a quarterback. He also comes from the Mike Holmgren coaching circuit, which has produced a lot of NFL head coaches, but not all of them have been successes so that won't tell us much.
I'm interested to hear what the Redskins players have to say about the man who's temperament and style has been compared very closely to that of Joe Gibbs. He sounds like a decent fit and I'm sure Snyder wanted a guy that he could have a greater amount of control over.
At this point, I'd rather have a guy that we know nothing about that someone that has already failed once in the NFL.

-The Hokie

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