Saturday, October 6, 2007

The MSM and dumb Red Sox fans are just straight ignorant

The headline of the lead article on is "Move over Papi; Manny's walk off sinks Angels" and the lead graph of the WaPost article states, "The Fenway Park crowd realized it was not going to get its towering, game-winning homer from David Ortiz, whose shoulders slumped with everyone else's in the old stadium when the catcher stuck his glove out for the intentional walk. But it could settle for one from Manny Ramirez."
The reason these statements grind my gears is because Manny Ramirez is the BEST HITTER on that team! You don't settle for Manny. Big Papi is a fat DH that only hits long balls in the tiny ballpark that is Fenway. His swing, in my opinion, has noticable exploitable holes. Yes, Ortiz does have some heroics on his resume, but Manny has been a dominant hitter in this league for over a decade. It should surprise no one that Manny is still the King of that team and provides massive protection for David Ortiz. Without Manny in that lineup, Ortiz falters because he doesn't have the complete game that would allow him to carry the load, like a Barry Bonds or an Albert Pujols. A perfect example of a big left-handed slugger without a more experienced, powerful contact hitter behind him is Ryan Howard in Philly. Yes they will put up stats because they can use their size to hit the ball out of the park, but they can't impact the game in any other capacity. Hence the reason Philly is down 0-2 and the Sox are up 2-0.
I know they were trying to get the righty righty matchup last night, but nobody should be surprised that Manny is the enforcer on that team. Manny did what Manny does and I'm glad yall got a reminder of how great a hitter he really is.

P.S. Dbacks and Rocks sweep


David M. said...

David Ortiz HRs 2007:

Home: 16 in 274 Ab
Away: 19 in 275 Ab

HRs 2004-2006

Home: 58 (836 AB)
Away: 78 (872 AB)

He may be a fat DH but he doesn't only hit HR in Fenway.

DMG said...

Also I dont know about Ortiz's many exploitable holes - he's relly only weak up and away

The Friendship said...

Yeah yeah, no doubt he has the splits, mine was an exaggeration (maybe a little bit of a shot at Fenway). But you can't tell me that he's a better pure hitter than Manny. Ramirez was hurt this year, so his average is a little low for one year, but a lifetime average of .313 as opposed to .289 for Ortiz. In his off year, Manny hits .292.
There is no way I would take anyone on that field over Manny in a must hit situation and I think people sleep on him a little bit because he's a quiet kind of guy. Conversely, they blow up Ortiz just because he's embraced the whole Red Sox image more than Manny.

And his is weak up in the zone. Pitchers don't challange him enough high and tight, and yeah there is no room for error when you do that, but you can catch him leaning for that outside pitch and jam him a lot more than people realize.