Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sleeping at the foothills of the Rockies

Alright, well I guess I was sleeping a little bit on the Rockies. I think my bias stems from the Todd Helton days of old when he was a fantasy freak, pumped up by steroids and the thin air of their Mile High Ballpark. So, while I’m not totally convinced, I will throw them a little praise. Well done clowns.
However, I did say that the opening game would be low scoring (it was). I did say that Holliday is the best hitter in the National League (he is). And I did say that the Phillies had to win with Hamels on the mound or they would be sunk (and they are). The 10-5 thrashing in Game 2 on Thursday was the dagger. The Phils crafty lefty Jamie Moyer may be able to steal one, but I don't see it happening. Look for a sweep and a rested bullpen waiting for the Arizona Diamondbacks after they are finished with the Cubs.
That brings us to the game of the night. I am probably the only Diamondbacks fan on the east coast, but I've been with them since the beginning. Definitely went silly after they won in 2001 and am glad to see my boys back in a position of strength. The two pitchers tonight, Davis and Lily are almost identical players. Hired as quality pitchers used to eat innings, these lefties performed remarkably well during the regular season and know how to pitch. They don't have dominating stuff, so runs will be scored, but the game will hang in the balance until the cubs bullpen blows it yet again.

Dbacks 8, Cubs 6

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