Sunday, October 14, 2007

Notes on a Debacle

Turns out Captain Chaos was a key factor, but only in the first half. The story of this game was dropped passes - far too many from Redskins wideouts - especially Moss and Randle El. Blame it on the rain or them not practicing this week, but they left at least six first downs on the field. The fumble by Moss was the killer, but his drop on that go route down the right sideline really, really hurt.

Campbell's numbers were solid (21-37-217, TD, INT), but they should have been much better.Also, the Redskins never really established the run, which hurt them in the second half. They couldn't put together drives to run time off the clock and keep their defense off the field. It was an ugly game but one that Washington still should have won.

Note: Joe Gibbs still can't figure out how to manage the clock and his timeouts late in games. Wasting those two on consecutive plays with 3+ minutes remaining left the Skins with too little time when they finally got the ball back. Also, if Wade and Heyer's injuries cause them to miss anytime, Washington will have to go fishing for another free agent just to get a body in there. But that won't help the running came or Soup's protection a lick.

- The Tar Heel

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DMG said...

Even beyond dropped passes the story of the game was the Skins aversion to the ball altogether. I believe they fumbled three times and had a dropped snap. Also, not only did they drop a whopping six passes, they dropped several interceptions as well. The conditions were not ideal but they weren't that bad.