Monday, February 4, 2008

Art Monk: The Man and the Legend

I would first like to congratulate on behalf of the sports clowns Art Monk and Darrell Green for their recent induction into the professional football Hall of Fame. Both men proved themselves on and off the field countless times, making them invaluable members to their teams and communities.

While the clowns witnessed Green, the fastest man in the NFL for many years, as he played through the 80s, 90s and into the 2000s. Art Monk's accomplishments have always been whispered through a thick layer of nostalgia. Leaving the skins after the 1993 season, well before my football consciousness was fully developed, his glory years, stats and accomplishments fall more into lore of golden years past. "The Fun Bunch" of the early 80s and "The Posse" of the late 80s both included this dynamic possession receiver and there is no doubt that his accomplishments make him a worthy addition to the receiving core of the football HoF.

Mike Wise, a man more acquainted with Monk than I, wrote a great editorial in the Washington Post that is definitely worth a gander.

- The Hokie

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DMG said...

Your football consciousness wasn't developed in 93 but you remember watching Green in the 80's?