Monday, February 4, 2008

Skins Coaching Roundtable

After watching Tom Brady and the Patriots get utterly dominated by the defensive line of the Giants in Super Bowl XLII, is it a bad thing to seriously consider coordinator Steve Spagnuolo for the job in Washington?

Things to remember: good & bad...

We are already a defensive oriented team and taking a talented coach away from a division rival is never a bad thing.

He is a rookie Head Coach with no previous track record putting the entire team on his shoulders.

He is better than Jim Fassel, Steve Mariucci and Ron Meeks.

Who knows if he even understands what the offensive unit is supposed to be doing on a weekly basis.

At this point, I'd give him a two year contract and see how he does. He has the highest upside of any of the candidates and his downside, a horrendous season, lurks behind anyone that takes the job.

- The Hokie

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Yard Yoder said...

Obligatory Joe Gibbs tie: Steve Spagnoulo’s first NFL experience was as a Player Personnel Intern for…THE Washington Redskins in 1983…A team coached by Joe Gibbs