Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Caps Notes

Former failed coach Bruce Cassidy has been fired from his head coaching job at Kingston in the OHL. Not the biggest story in the sporting world, or even D.C. sports, but it gives a certain pleasure to myself and other Washington sports fans who couldn't wait to see him kicked to curb for telling his team hockey was more important than their personal lives, including their families, screaming profanities at a rookie backup goaltender and getting into other altercations with players. I can't say with certainty to what degree his hiring was the work of George McPhee and to what degree it was Leonsis but I do know that the decision to hire Cassidy in the vain hopes of emulating Paul Maruice's 2002 Cup run with Carolina was one of the two blows (along with the Jagr extension) that send the Capitals into their several year downward spiral and rebuilding phase.

-The DMG

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