Monday, October 22, 2007

Redskins Recap: Escaping by the Skin of our Teeth

Once again, a Skins second half breakdown let their opponent back into the game but, while they were able to hold off the Cardinals' charge, this is a disturbing trend that has to stop. The Skins were once again saved by their defense and special teams but, once again, were shot in the foot every time the offense took possession of the ball.
As expected, the offensive line struggled at the line of scrimmage resulting in a 2.6 yards per rush and 73 total rushing yard performance. The passing game was also non-existent; Campbell's final stats 12/18 for 95 total yards and an INT.
The second half baffled those watching the game, as the offense grew increasingly more and more conservative. This style of play did give the Skins a touchdown in the third quarter, but failed miserably in the fourth quarter resulting in three consecutive three and outs, taking minimal time off the clock and leaving the defense out to dry.
I'm at a loss when trying to find the reason for these kinds of mistakes. The defense won the turnover battle, special teams was relatively good at winning the best field position for our squad, but when it comes to the offense competing in the second half they don't show up. The skins can't turn into turtles after halftime and they seem content to shut it down after they get a lead. A lead is good, but they have to continue to build on that lead to put teams away. The Cardinals are a mediocre offensive team so the Skins were able to pull this one out, but in the course of the season and looking at future games, powerful offenses have and will come back to bite them in the second half. Teams are not intimidated by a one TD lead at halftime.
Games should not come down to a missed-by-inches 53 yard field goal, and the Patriots certainly aren't going give our guys any breathing room next week. The coaching staff has to take a very long look at how they want to manage the game in the second half, because right now it's not working.

- The Hokie

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