Saturday, October 27, 2007

Week 8: Redskins vs. Patriots

The Redskins will have to play lights out defense against the Patriots to have any hope of winning, because at the end of the day even a solid defense will be exposed by Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Donte Stallworth, and Wes Welker. The Redskins defensive backs not only have to be in the right spots but they have to make the plays. This means, catching every potential interception and not letting it bounce off your chest. This means finishing the play and staying with your assignment, not get lured away by a big hit.
As the Patriots have shown in their 2007 campaign, they are fearless and Tom Brady is fearless. He doesn't hesitate throwing the ball into double coverage because he's confident his receivers can will the ball into their hands. They are as physical an offense as you will see play the game and the Skins will have to meet them on every play. The second half defense that they showed against the Cardinals, the defense that loses games and allows offenses to get into a rhythm cannot reappear. The bend but don't break philosophy is the most overrated and detrimental strategy any football team can adopt and if they use this umbrella at any point in the game they will lose.
Carlos Rogers, Fred Smoot, Shawn Springs, need to hit those clowns at the line. Bump them off their routes and then stay with them like white on rice the entire game. Don't let those explosive receivers get a good release and then dictate the timing of the game.
Rocky McIntosh, London Fletcher, Marcus Washington, need to jack those guys up when they come across the middle. Make them feel it every time they attempt to open up that part of the field and make Brady hesitate throwing it anywhere he thinks he can safely put the ball.
Sean Taylor, LaRon Landry, need to be the ball hawks they have been all year in order to take away the deep ball. So far this tandem has worked to perfection but they will have to be better than the Patriots wide receivers to win this game.
However, the Redskins offense is horrendous, and we saw their futility last week. With an offensive line that is still beat up and a running game that has consequently suffered, the Redskins will have to lean on Jason Campbell to win this game. While he has looked very good thus far and is making strides, his decision making in tight situations and accuracy throwing the deep ball still lacks. At this point in his career he's not ready to beat the number four ranked defense in the league.
Nobody in the league can play with the Patriots right now outside of maybe the Colts, who they will play next week, so I don't see the Redskins coming away from this game with a win. They will keep the game closer than most people expect, enough to be inside the 17 point spread, but it's gonna be a long day for the defense as the offense continues to struggle.

Patriots 28, Redskins 17

- The Hokie


DMG said...

28-17? I doubt it'll be that close. Brady has so many options, gets so much time and makes such good decisions it's going to be hard to stop him. The Pats always have great advance scouting too; they'll know Taylor has done a great job playing centerfield this season and don't think they'll throw anything long his way unless he's clearly beaten.

The Pats D hasn't been great but it's been good; better than the Skins offense and I doubt Washington will get into the end zone twice (although I wouldn't be that surprised.

My guess is Pats 34, Skins 13

The Friendship said...

you're sleeping on the skins ability to bounce back after bad games. The Pats D can be taken advantage of, as is obvious of the Miami Dolphins putting up 28 points.

DMG said...

The Dolphins offense is middle of the pack; the Redskins is 25th in total yards and 17th in points, although some of the points come from the defense scoring or giving the offense good field position.