Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Semin Expected to Play Against Lightning

According to the Washington Post, Alexander Semin is supposed to be back for the Caps game against Tampa Bay this evening. Good news for a Caps team that's struggled to score 5-on-5 and should help a powerplay that's been abysmal. It was nice to see that Semin sounded enthusiastic too:

"Of course, I've wanted to play," Semin said through an interpreter, adding that it has been difficult to watch the Capitals struggle the past two weeks.

"But an injury is an injury and there was no sense in risking further harm," he said. "It's hard to say what percentage I am right now. I can say after I play in a game. But I am excited to come back."

The article also mentions Semin is expected to skate with the second powerplay unit, which doesn't make sense to me. With the PP struggling the way it has, it makes more sense to put him on the point or on the first units' right wing with Ovechkin (although the second unit is supposed to have playmakers Backstrom and Nylander on it, so maybe they'll be able to feed Semin the puck).

- The DMG


LiquidSwordz said...

Your coverage of the Caps so far has been really good. I particularly like the combination of breaking news and personal perspective you put in your posts. Keep up the good work.

DMG said...

I just want to throw out there that I was thinking about this game tonight and I had a real good feeling about it - Clark on the top line again; Semin coming back, etc and I thought the Caps would explode for a 7-2 win. It's 4-2 after 2 periods; we'll see if they get there.