Monday, October 8, 2007

Hockey in the District? could be fun...

With their win over the Islanders today the Caps improved to 3-0 to open the season, despite being with their number two scoring threat Alexander Semin out two of the three games. New additions Viktor Kozlov (2g, 1a), Michael Nylander (1g, 1a) and Tom Poti (more than 24 minutes per game) are playing well.
The Capitals defense, supposed to be their question mark heading into the season, has allowed just three goals thus far and is 12-12 on the penalty kill. It's not exactly time to start planning a Stanley Cup parade route through D.C. (or even put down deposits for playoff tickets), but it's certianly encouraging to see the new-look, overhauled Caps looking good out of the gate.

- The DMG


DMG said...

Can we get the Caps schedule on the main page too? I know the pecking order, under the Redskins, hell under everything else on the sidebar, would be fine.

The Friendship said...

That's so many games! fine, I'll roll out a next 5 games and a season's record at the top... so you hockey guys (all three of you) can have about a week at a time to look forward to.