Monday, October 8, 2007

Redskins ruminations

The Redskins definitley looked like a class act team against the Lions. They played to perfection both offensively and defensively. Defensively we saw them play in a dominant cover 2 style and offensively, Jason Campbell had the best game of his career thus far. He was making plays, his vision for forward thinking and most importantly he wasn't overthrowing receivers.
My uncertainties stem from the sample size of their excellence, which is thus far one game against an extremely mediocre team. We looked good doing what we do, but do we have the personnel that can make up against the elite teams in the NFL?
Defensively, we can. There is no doubt that we can play smash mouth phycial football on that side of the ball. Our front line is young and hungry. Our linebackers can straight out fly around the field - sack the QB or get picks - and the secondary is led by Taylor and Landry who are straight ballers.
Offensively, we can not. Jason Campbell made strides in this game, and it's always nice to see his completion percentage go up, but the Lions defense is disgusting. They have zero playmakers and when the skins roll into Lambeau next weekend they will be met by a defense hungry and ready to hit and hit hard. I'm sorry, but Campbell does not have a deep ball. Yes he's got an arm, and can get it the distance, but he doesn't have the accuracy to make those throws yet and teams will start to challange him to beat them deep, especially if Moss and Randle El are out for an extended period of time. We have a long way to go folks and you need to put up points to beat the elite teams and thus far, we've broken 20+ points once against a bad defense.

They get an A this game, but will need to bring an A+ game to make our next contest close against an angry green machine.

- The Hokie

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