Monday, October 8, 2007

Skins vs. Lions recap

Defensively, the Skins were stoudt and aggressive - even with Gregg Williams not calling many blitzes. We finally got that breakout performance from Andre Carter (eight tackles, two sacks and a safety) that we've been waiting for since he arrived from San Fran. The guy is a monster coming around the end of the line and there are few tackles who should be able to keep him away from the quarterback for an entire game.
The defensive front punished Jon Kitna - nothing new for an o-line that has given up more sacks than any team in the league and a possible explanation (see concussions) for Kitna's 10-win prediction. The most promising part of their performance was the two interceptions. The Skins have been floundering around at the bottom of the league in that stat for several years now, but when you put constant pressure on a pocket passer, int's are supposed to result. Sunday they did. Speaking of interceptions, how about Carlos Rogers finally doing something worthy of a first round pick? It's about time.

Offensively, I think we're finally seeing the complexities of Al Saunders' 600+ page playbook. The direct snaps (we'll forget about the one that flew by Portis' face on the opening drive that resulted in a drive-killing turnover) to Portis, lining up Campbell as a receiver, all of the shifting from the wideouts, inside runs to Sellers - this is what we've been looking for. Al Saunders autonomy in the coaches' box. This will only be a good thing.

I'd give out game balls to Sellers - for demanding the ball and proving he deserves it with his career highs in carries (5), total yards (60) and touchdowns (2) - the 'young' Mr. McCardell for coming in after just one week of practice and being a key component in the passing game (2 receptions for 39 yards), the afore-mentioned Carter and of course, Jason mmm mmm good Campbell who had a career day.

A dose of negativity - Suisham has got to make that field goal in the third quarter. Sure, 48-yards is no chip shot but if he wants to prove himself as the clutch kicker that Joe Gibbs and the Skins need (there will be many more close games this season), he has to put them through.

- The Tarheel

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