Monday, October 8, 2007

Not buying Brandon Lloyd

I was listening to the Sports Junkies on 106.7 this morning as they interviewed Brandon Lloyd and, I'm going to be honest boys, I wasn't sold on Lloyd. I think it was Bickel who was all over his nuts about being a legitimate #2, but a secondary receiver in the NFL has to be a move the chains kind of guy. He's got to have great hands and no fear about going over the middle. It also doesn't hurt if he can throw in a little bit of run blocking here and there. Because Lloyd is obviously not as explosive as Moss or Randle El, his 6 foot 200 lbs. frame is a liability in these capacities.
When you are not a physical specimen, or a dominant talent in the NFL, you better do all the little things right to get playing time. He said in the interview "I'm just being Brandon Lloyd." Well, guess what pal!? Brandon Lloyd isn't that good! Maybe you should try being a Reche Caldwell or a Keenan McCardell or a James Thrash. There is a reason these guys bounce around the league and find playing time. It’s because they know how to play the game at a high level and fill the overlooked roles on the field. Pay some dues! You’ve been in the League for three years and you are expecting to be game planned into a system! It's that kind of arrogance and laziness that's gotten you into this predicament and it certainly isn't going to mesh well with an old school coach like Gibbs.
I'm sure he's a nice guy to hang out with, which is why the players all fight for him, but you tell me who you want in the game when the game is on the line; The guy who is going to man up and fight for the ball or chase down a DB after a pick? or the guy who dogs it?
Instead of rising to the challenge, practicing to become better and showing his doubters they are wrong, Lloyd has obliviously ignored the signs of his immaturity. What he fails to understand is there are dozens of guys just like him. The difference between greatness and mediocrity is miniscule in the NFL and the ones that take that to heart and set themselves apart through hard work succeed. From what I've seen, because he is content and stubborn enough to continue being who he is, and not improve, he's just a hack. Redskins, know when to cut your losses. We don’t need him, or his blasé attitude.

- The Hokie

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DMG said...

Right on, the rest of the NFL thought the 'Skins were nuts to sign Lloyd to be their #2 wideout - the dude is #3 or 2a at best. Like you said, I'm sure he isn't a bad guy really but he seems content to just sit back and let whatever's going to happen happen (as long as he gets to make his rap albums). The Skins have a deep threat and legit #1 in Moss, an explosive and athletic receiver in Randle El and a hands guy in McCardell now (not to mention Caldwell who is a useful player). They've no use for Lloyd any more and from what I know of the guy I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes a distraction. I also wouldn't shed a tear (except for all that lost cap space) if they outright cut him.